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Unlock the secrets of Mediterranean beauty. From a pristine nature, clean air, water and unspoiled soil, comes the fusion of divine, pure, and nurturing supreme oils that work in a perfect harmony. Nature’s finest, carefully selected organic essentials, turned into rich, sophisticated and luxurious collection of oil blends, Eva Maria Cosmetics supreme oils are like a bouquet for your skin, wrapping you in the beautiful essence of pure magic.
Eva Maria Cosmetics evokes quality without compromise to bring you a truly memorable experience. Our every bottle is infused with love, the warmth of the Sun and the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea breeze, and our oils become your inseparable everyday companions on the precious journey of life.

EMC & Co.

EMC & Barjis® London

We are very happy to announce our friendship with Barjis® London. 

Barjis Chohan is a multi-cultural woman, talented designer, social entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the creative industry.


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A fusion lavish nourishment and sophisticated natural fragrance for your skin that will surely make you the center of attention. It’s the only thing you would want to wear on your skin
Be the UNIQUE YOU that you are meant to be, and enter into the fairytale.


There are a million versions of any story, but there is only one way to tell the TRUE STORY and it’s to tell the truth. Our genes determine our basic appearance, but how we nurture ourselves will determine our future. It’s as simple as that. We have combined a generous amount of carefully selected key organic ingredients that enhance one another so we can achieve swift and amazing results on our skin, and boost its recovery if needed.

We are here to tell the truth and you are invited to live it.

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