Each of us has our own dreams, wishes and ideas that are unique.

I stand here today, along with my wonderful team of enthusiasts and devoted experts, and present to you Eva Maria Skincare, the home of the nature’s finest cosmetics. The inspiration for creating our products was my family, friends, their needs and lifestyles and my dearest one, my greatest source of inspiration, my daughter Eva Maria, whose name this family of brands carries.

I hope these products will touch each and every one of you, in the same way my daughter has touched my heart.

Velina, founder


During our creative process, we have laughed quite often that the fairies helped us to mix our products for they too were our muses.

Our products not only nourish, protect and revive your skin, they also complement your unique image, your lifestyle and choices, nurturing you endlessly with all the natural benefits that our mother Earth offers so generously. We bring to you the finest and freshest ingredients bottled up in a sophisticated style.

Our allies are internationally acclaimed, certified suppliers and devoted experts in cosmetic manufacturing. Working with them makes us always go deeper into the extraordinary world of ageless beauty; it makes us realize how wonderful our world is and how it is designed to take care of us. The more we learn, the more we can nurture ourselves with the power of the plants. We do not store our products. We make them upon your order, bringing you THE FRESHEST PRODUCT POSSIBLE.


Our goal is to leave a legacy. Through our project BOTTLES OF KINDNESS where every brand of ours carries a message. A message of humanity, kindness, good vibes, synergy, love, happiness, victory and success. This is where our strength lies, this is our core.

Your experience with us starts with a simple click, and our fairies start mixing. Before you know it, you will be getting a fresh bouquet of nurturing and pampering bottled, little wonders right at your doorstep.

Love the skin that you’re in, and love the world around you!

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