The use of oil dates back to ancient times, and it was considered a luxurious skin care ritual and a TIMELESS BEAUTY TIP.

The Egyptians even practiced and perfected the method of embalming that was an extravagance only reserved for pharaohs and royalty as one of the comforts for the afterlife. Greeks and their culture celebrated olive oil, for instance, in almost every aspect of their lives. Ancient Latin cultures had also based their beauty routines on coconut oil, and so on.

There was no Internet at that time and the knowledge was passed on by word of mouth, as a LEGACY.

There is no doubt that the benefits of oils when rubbed into the skin are multi benevolent, healthy and important. Over time, with the overall knowledge of this beneficial, liquid wonder that Mother Nature can provide for us, came our understanding of how to use this gift in a modern world where we have multiple things being offered to us. It is always a matter of choice.

To get to the point, here we are going to explain which oils are included in our products and why, so you are well informed and your experience with us is satisfying and complete.

It’s very important to know the difference between organic (pure) cold pressed oils, and the oils that are synthetically treated.



We can buy a thousand pairs of shoes, wear them all and then buy another pair, but we can only wear one skin during our entire lifetime. Proper skincare is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle and a long-term investment in our wellbeing.

Making our products we have ensured that the ingredients in our blends have the IMPECCABLE FRESHNESS AND PURITY. Every essential oil found in the Eva Maria Skincare family is of certified organic origin and every plant extract is natural in origin. Products that are silicone-free, without synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, or mineral oils are of the utmost importance to us. Our supreme essential oils come from the FIRST FRACTION (meaning the best part of the plant extracting process and the highest quality substances) and that is our promise to our clients.

All our products are produced in an environmentally friendly way, are cruelty free and vegan.


What is the purpose of a perfect bottle? A perfect bottle ensures that its contents do not change over time.

For Eva Maria, the glass bottle was the obvious choice. The ingredients inside the glass bottle are perfectly sealed, ensuring that the first and the last drop of our oil or body milk are of the same quality.

But there’s more to it. Glass is a premium recyclable material, and our bottles serve not only as ‘the container’ but also as a decoration in your home and a wonderful gift.


Just when the word “organic” has become the most used word in the English language, we would take a bit of time to explain what it means for us and why our products are organic.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary organic products are made “not using artificial chemicals” and “of, relating to, or obtained from living things”.

Now that you have read the definition, let’s go into details.

When you have the chance and the privilege to work with the suppliers who actually grow plants in the organic way in clean soil, using all natural fertilizers or in some cases none, you call yourself lucky. Then you can really implement the raw essence of those plants in your products and mix some powerful stuff. Most of our suppliers are family farms, owned by simple and hard working people who have become our friends, and as long as the Sun shines and the rain falls, we will cherish our sincere trade of goods with them, and we’ll be able to give you the REAL ORGANIC PRODUCTS.

We design our bottles to serve as the stylish detail in your bathrooms and living areas, or as a great gift for your friends and loved ones, and to still give you the organic product, with 0% silicone, artificial colors, synthetic fragrance or mineral oils.

Because of the natural origin of the ingredients in our products, they only last for a year, or 6 months after opening. That’s because there are no artificial preservatives of any kind, and this also answers the question of why we have 50 ml bottle as a package.


Professional skincare

The one of a kind bespoke concept was developed with expert cosmetologists to bring you a tridimensional face, body and mind sensation, an extraordinary experience with both strong healing and beautifying effects, regenerating the structure of the skin with instant, visible and long-lasting results. With the power of human touch, Eva Maria supreme professional formulas transmit positive and calming energy to the skin, feeding it with all the wonderful nutrients.

Due to the perfect balance of first fraction harvest essential oils and their active compounds in Eva Maria products, the entire body falls into a unique state of deep relaxation evoking Zen.

Instant and long-lasting results

Entire body feels revived, the mind balanced and satisfied, the skin takes a beautiful, healthy and radiant glow, while being moisturized, hydrated, smooth and endlessly nurtured.

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