Eva Maria Candles

They gazed into the soft, peaceful flame, till
It filled their hearts with the warmth of joy,
Knowing that the moment was simply perfect,
Forever imprinted in time as a first kiss, sealed with love.

So many stories and life-changing moments were and still are accompanied by the flame of the candles. The flame imitates life, sometimes soft and peaceful, other times resilient, playful, and all in between, it is our inspiration.

Candles are like people. People that have a flame in their core, that priceless passion for life.


Being a part of the high-end skincare and wellness industry, to accompany our beautiful experience while enjoying one of our skincare rituals, we were inspired to bring to you yet another detail of indulgence. EM art of flame. Unique signature style candles. It’s not just about producing a candle, it’s a journey of creativity, evoking emotions and passion. As with all our products, we have made a completely one of a kind handmade design with all natural materials expanding our vision of authenticity, purity and above all undisputed quality.


Did you know that our candles will last for years. Now, how is that possible? The secret is in innovative and clever design where instead of the burning stick where the candle burns out in just a few hours or days we have placed a glass container for a small scented candle that you can change over and over again without burning a whole candle itself. The scent can be different every time, depending on a mood, occasion or skincare ritual. It’s not just a candle, it’s a sort of sculpture sometimes and for sure a distinguished and well noticed detail as part of your interior design.


Whatever the occasion may be, we can provide you with the complimentary gifts to dazzle all your loved ones.
We care to produce and preserve the highest quality from the inside out. Our candles come wrapped in the most luxurious, double-sided, silk ribbons and the top quality gift boxes, achieving that unique STYLE STATEMENT that will ensure your recipients will fondly remember you by.

We provide custom made extraordinary gifts for all special occasions and holidays like weddings, baby showers, birthdays, fashion shows, Christmas, Hanukkah, and many more. As every sophisticated event ends with a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT for your guests, our supreme essentials are your luxury statement, a token of style and appreciation. Choosing a gift, we turn it into something truly special, a unique touch with your name or initials embedded along with a date or any other detail that you see appropriate.

Your wishes come true.


It is such a stylish gesture to give a candle as a present. Perfect for Private occasions, business gifts, or just a gift to pamper yourself.