Whatever the occasion may be, we can provide you with the complimentary gifts to dazzle all your loved ones.

We care to produce and preserve the highest quality from the inside out. Our bottles come wrapped in the most luxurious, double-sided, silk ribbons and the top quality gift boxes, achieving that unique STYLE STATEMENT that will ensure your recipients will fondly remember you by.

We provide custom made extraordinary gifts for all special occasions and holidays like weddings, baby showers, birthdays, fashion shows, Christmas, Hanukkah, and so on. As every sophisticated event ends with a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT for your guests, our supreme oils are your luxury statement, a token of style and appreciation. Choosing a gift, we turn it into something truly special, a unique touch with your name or initials embedded along with a date or any other detail that you see appropriate.

Our gifts make your wishes come true.


Finest supreme oil selection in a luxurious Eva Maria signature style SKIN PRALINES box.

There is something uniquely intriguing about the chocolate praline. Each hides a secret inside, a sweet surprise that tickles your imagination.

This exquisite and luxurious gift concept was inspired by the sweet memory of the first time I was given a box of premium chocolate pralines. A memory like that stays with you throughout your life and it is imprinted deep inside your comfort zone.

It reveals a secret within a secret. The beautiful silk ribbons embrace our bottles filled with the finest selection of the most exquisite, supreme oil blends to indulge your entire face and body while taking you to the place where good, old memories come alive and the new ones are created. It is the exact meeting point where timeless beauty begins and real-life fairy tale awaits. The time stops… for the luxury of the soul.

Just by opening the SKIN PRALINES signature style box you unlock the most unforgettable experience, a journey through skin glow & poetry. And every precious moment completely belongs to YOU.