Eva Maria Premium Wellness / Spa

Supreme massage rituals as a timeless beauty tip

Know the true power of supreme beauty oils, active ingredients and human touch.

The use of oil massaged into skin dates to ancient times, and it was considered a luxurious skin care ritual as well as a timeless beauty tip.

SUPREME MASSAGE is an exclusive bespoke wellness concept with both strong healing and beautifying effect. The one of a kind concept was developed with our premium spa wellness experts to bring you a tridimensional sensation and extraordinary experience.

The power of Human Touch transmits positive and calming energy on the skin using EVA MARIA supreme organic oil blends of highest quality and purity that feed your skin with all wonderful nutrients. Due to the perfect balance of essential oils and their active compounds your entire body falls into a unique state of deep relaxation evoking Zen.

Result: Entire body feels revived, your mind balanced and satisfied, while your skin takes a beautiful, healthy and radiant glow, and is being moisturized, hydrated, smooth and endlessly nurtured. It’s a wellness fairytale.